Indo-US Public-Private Joint Networked Center

To enable Indian and American scientists from academia and industry to carry out joint research activity by leveraging already existing infrastructure and funding available with the partners at both sides through a linkage established by a virtual networked centre.

Public-Private Networked Centres enables to foster academia-industry partnership by promoting pre-commercial R & D activities having potential towards applied research and product development. These Centres are aimed to best capitalize on the scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship in translating ideas from bench to market place.

  • Eligibility Requirements

“Minimum of two Indian and two American separate institutional partners (2+2 partnership mode). The lead US & Indian PIs have to be from academia or publicly funded laboratories”.


  • Program Requirements

A topical research project of high scientific quality and originality having a strong application potential.

  • Type and Extent of Funding by IUSSTF
    1. Unit exchange international & domestic travel support by economy class and shortest route
    2. Local hospitality and per diem for visiting scientists (including PhD & post doc scholars) with short stays up to 2 weeks and long stays up to 6 weeks
    3. Visa, airport transfer and medical insurance costs
    4. Associated cost for dissemination of research and education materials and reports
  • Funding Duration

Funding is generally granted for two years.

  • Proposal Evaluation

Proposals will be considered on basis of peer - reviews conducted both in India and United States towards Award.

          Submission Deadline

        Award Announcement

    • 31 August  
    • 31 January (Current Call)
  • Proposal Guidelines
    1. Proposal should be submitted in the prescribed format
    2. Proposal should not be more than 25 pages maximum including CVs.
    3. Proposal to be submitted electronically as a single word/PDFC document to:
Dr. Nishritha Bopana
Principal Science Officer
Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF)


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