Team Iusstf


Team Marque

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Please suffix <> after the email address of officials.

Executive Director's Office

Executive Director
Ms. Monika Madan
Assistant of Executive Director & HR Coordinator

Science/Program Team

Dr. Nishritha Bopana
Principal Science Officer
Dr. Chaitali Bhattacharya
Principal Science Officer
Interim Executive Director
Dr. Babulal Chaudhary
Senior Program Officer
Dr. Divya Khatter
Project Coordinator
Ms. Priya Thomas
Program Officer
Ms. Subhashree Basu
Program Officer

Finance & Administration Team

Mr. Rajesh Arya
Ms. Anita Vishwakarma
Accounts Officer
Mr. Manoj Prasad
Assistant Admin Officer
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh
Sr. Accounts Associate- II
Mr. Mahesh Kumar Vaid